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Zeitgeber Zwei: Konsta Linkola

Zeitgeber Media proudly presents the first episode of Zeitgeber Zwei, an interview series about young creatives in Finland. This pilot features Konsta Linkola, a young and very talented photographer, whose 30k followers on Instagram remain stunned by his photography day-by-day. Here we talk a bit about social media, photography themes & branding. Contact Zeitgeber Media if you want to share your insights on the young creative Industry of Finland, too.

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Zeitgeber Aktuell: Harjufolk Festivaali

Although the summer in Finland has been playing hide & seek for the past couple of weeks, it is always great to see that the folks of Helsinki try to make the best out of it – enjoy a drink at the terrace, hang out at the seaside or organise flea markets and open sky events. Helsinki offers a great variety of cultural activities and events throughout the year, most interestingly yet, many of those are entirely community driven and voluntarily organised by enthusiastic members of the scene. Continue reading

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Zeitgeber Zwei Project

Zeitgeber Media is currently working on an interview series about young creatives in Finland. In Zeitgeber Zwei, each interview is two minutes long and tackles a couple of important questions related to the creative industry in Finland. The pilot episode was filmed yesterday with the young and greatly talented photographer Konsta Linkola.

Do you want to contribute and share your insights on culture & creative industry? Feel free to share this post and contact Zeitgeber to be featured in an interview yourself! Stay tuned for the first episode to be released!

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Fashion Shoot on Suomenlinna

Zeitgeber Media had the wonderful opportunity to create a photo series for the young Finnish Fashion Design graduate Sofia Lyhykäinen, who is currently building her portfolio.

To underline the navy notion of the beautiful and simple dresses, we decided to shoot on the Suomenlinna island, which is one of Finland’s seven World Heritage Sites. Suomenlinna is an inhabited sea fortress, built on six islands with many museums, beautiful sites and hidden gems. Many people take the short ferry trip there to picnic and spend time with friends and families during summer.

Zeitgeber Media aims to support young creatives and help them to visualise their ideas and creations. More photos and Sofia’s portfolio will be published soon! The model in the picture above is Sonja Lammi. Contact Zeitgeber Media for more information.